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Flv Audio Video Extractor 3.0

It is an easy-to-use tool to batch extract audio and video data from FLV files
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If you need to separate audio and video streams of a given FLV video and create a mute AVI file, an MP3 audio file, or both, then Flv Audio Video Extractor is the tool to use. The resulting MP3 file will retain the quality (bit rate) of the original audio stream embedded in the FLV file, while the AVI video will faithfully reproduce all the limitations present in Flash videos.

Technically, this program is both a video transcoder and a video extractor, despite the limited functionality offered and the fact that AVI is the only output format supported. Likewise, it is also difficult to understand why AVI has been chosen as the output codec for mute video files, since AVI stands for “Audio Video Interleave”. (Besides, being a container format, it was designed to include as many soundtracks as needed for a single video stream.) Why would anyone need an AVI file without a soundtrack? One possible use comes to mind: to improve the audio quality of the video file by multiplexing it with a different, high-quality audio track (although this option is not available in this tool).

Being the codec usually (if not always) found in Flash videos, MP3 is easier to understand as the only supported audio output. Thus, no additional audio encoding and/or decoding is needed, which greatly improves the performance of this tool. No settings of any kind are available - so you get what you had in the original Flash file.

Francisco Martínez
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